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Widian Gold Sahara II Parfum 50ml

Sale price$360.00

 Like its companion fragrance Gold I, the luminous, captivating Gold II (now presented as Gold II Sahara) is built around the fragrance accord most associated with the precious metal- amber. But while Gold I's amber was powerful and opulent, Sahara is luxuriously smooth, a floral musk with a deep, soft muskiness that evaporates the concerns and trivialities of everyday life in a wondrous cloud of creamy, gently powdery sensuality.

On the very first spray of Sahara, a remarkably uplifting opening of bright citrus, rich saffron and spicy elemi invigorates, before the softness of the rose and orange blossom heart steadies the tempo and soothes the soul. In the deep, sweet base, creamy vanillic amber and musky cedarwood relax and seduce. The beauty of gold is its versatility, the ability to dazzle with subtlety as easily as with excess. In Gold II Sahara, Widian chooses that subtle road less traveled, and you're sure to go along for the journey.

Saffron, orange, elemi, rose, orange blossom, amber, musk, cedar, vanilla

Widian Gold Sahara II Parfum 50ml
Widian Gold Sahara II Parfum 50ml Sale price$360.00